Face Shields for K-12 Education

Budget Friendly Face Shields

Ohio school districts faced plenty of budget challenges well before the COVID-19 pandemic. The Face Shield V2 provides schools with an affordable, reusable option for students and teachers alike.

Our high-performance 3D printing processes deliver high quality solutions at low cost.

Face Shield V2
The Face Shield V2 is a comfortable option for teachers and secondary students.

STEAM and Sustainability

A flexible headband provides improved comfort from rigid plastic designs.

Does your district have a full-fledged STEM or STEAM lab, or a even small number of 3D printers?

We work with our customers to establish an in-house part replacement program. Reduce costs and give your students a chance to solve real-world problems!

In addition to cost savings, this creates new opportunities to demonstrate 3D printing capabilities to your community.

Custom Solutions

Though face shields comprise the bulk our products, our agile processes allow for new solutions to be developed quickly. Whether schools need custom barriers or room dividers, we will be happy to listen to all requests and do our best to reduce costs.

Children's Face Shield on mannequin
The children's face shield provides elementary schools with a less distracting option to masks.

Interested in solutions for your district?

A member of our team will contact you to discuss your specific needs.